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If you find yourself outgrowing your home, maybe it’s time to consider a home addition.  Guaranteed Builders & Developers has been remodeling and adding rooms to homes for over 50 years. We have many flexible addition options that will fit your needs, budget and space.

If you don’t have a large lot, consider adding a second floor, which is less costly than expanding out as you already have the foundation and walls. It’s easy to add a modular box on top of your existing home. You can double the size of your existing house, increasing its value.

A bonus room or apartment over your garage is a great use of space that avoids disrupting your living space and creates a little separation between the main house and guests.

Need to increase the attic ceiling space?  Add dormers to increase storage space, add interest to your roofline and bring more natural light into your home. 

A bump out is an added area that bumps out from an existing wall.  This is the most popular, least expensive way to add space and can even be added to the second floor without foundation work. Bump outs make great reading nooks, sitting areas or sunny spots for pets and plants. Bump outs in kitchens provide great space for pantries or breakfast nooks.

Mudroom additions are great for families with or expecting children, pets, or just looking for a space to shed your outdoor layers and keep your home clean. We can even make space for washers and dryers, closets and cabinets.

As parents live longer, in-law suites are a popular option to keep family close. An in-law suite is a separate living area on the property consisting of a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and small living room, and can even be rented as apartments. 

There’s no doubt that adding an addition adds value to your home and property. Modular additions are prefabricated rooms attached to your existing home, lowering costs.  You avoid the mess of traditional stick-built additions and could even live in your home while it expands.

Contact Guaranteed Builders & Developers for a free, no cost site visit and estimate.  One of our construction supervisors will visit your home and discuss the available options.  Our staff will design a new addition to your home. With a $2,000 deposit, we can draw up plans, complete the engineering process (excluding unforeseen local requirements) and draw up a pot plan to help you visualize the project and chart your next steps.

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