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Why Modular

Modular Construction Advantages

SPEED - Building modular saves time.  While the factory is processing your order, GBI personnel are preparing the site.  Foundation and utility work is done while the factory is building the house. Modular homes are built in about 1/3 of the time as a regular stick-built houses.

SUPERIOR PRODUCT - Modular homes are built in a climate-controlled environment.  Material is never exposed to weather or elements during the assembly process, creating high-quality joinery and finishes. 

Exterior wall sheathing extends over the floor and ceiling perimeter bands.  This adds strength and integrity to the build.  Foam gaskets are installed on one side of each marriage wall to ensure an air tight seal when erecting the boxes on the foundation.

Blocking is installed behind the drywall at electrical boxes to provide extra support.  Horizontal drywall seams are reinforced with excess drywall cutoffs and mud to ensure stronger seams.

Energy Efficient – Spray foam insulation is installed at all exterior wall receptable outlets.  A batt insulation fills the exterior wall cavities and DOW Rigid Foam insulation is used between the exterior wall and interior drywall at all pipe and conduit areas. Homes are 50% more energy efficient than the model energy codes.

DESIGN – You design your home!  Our website is a sampling of the hundreds of floor plans available to choose from.  All floor plans can be customized, and you’ll work with our experienced staff to design a home that fits your needs.  

DETAILS – We use only top-quality building products. This includes all the fixtures, trim and surfaces.  State of the art spray adhesive is used instead of standard fasteners to eliminate nail pops after the home settles.

QUALITY CONTROL – Factory quality control systems, in conjunction with third-party agency inspections, are performed at every stage of the construction process to ensure that each module is compliant with state codes. A third-party seal of approval is stamped on each structure before leaving the manufacturing facility.  Our in house construction supervisors are on site every day once the house arrives on site to supervise all phases of building.