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Demolish & Rebuild

If you love your neighborhood but have outgrown your home, demolishing your existing structure and starting over is a great option.

For many homeowners, renovations to their existing home are cost prohibitive.  Then consider the disruption in your daily life! By replacing your existing home with a new custom modular home, the construction process is streamlined and the disruption to your family and lifestyle is significantly less than traditional construction methods.

Modular construction also eliminates those unwanted surprises and expenses typical with an extensive renovation project that can derail your project and your budget.

GBI can handle all aspects of new construction including the demolition of your current home.  From permitting to excavation, to setting the home, we bring more than 50 years of homebuilding excellence to your project.  Call today at 508-476-1500 to set up your free no-obligation site visit.